eo - Information and Culture

For eo information is culture.

We build relationships.

Eo helps your company navigate the networked society through bespoke services and marketing solutions.

We create value in delivering innovative interactions between businesses and consumers through digital channels.

We do


Relationship Marketing

Connect with the people who value you the most. We integrate omnichannel and utility marketing to deliver high impact campaigns.

Service Building

Deliver valuable services to your customers through design thinking and iterative development. We help you build up, and build out your service.

We believe in

Forward thinking. Our name is our motto. Eo: latin for walking, moving forward. We take these words to heart and never stop innovating.

Humanizing. Information is culture, not currency. We believe in the humanizing power of information and work to share knowledge.

Responsive. Do, learn, adapt, repeat. In a world in constant flux, we value quick turnarounds over bureaucratic outlook.

Dialogue. We work with, not for, our clients. Dialogue is vital for eoas it allows us to develop better services to suit your needs.

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